I Love 
Sharing my Passion!

Life is filled with many challenges and road blocks. The ability to overcome these challenges is key to improving our lives.
When I speak, I share stories from my book and from my life in general.

My stories awaken the "Creative Happiness Intelligence" that lives inside us all. My storytelling style of speaking captivates the audience and allows them to explore new possibilities in life. The interactive approach adds to the flavor of the stories being told and grasps the interest and curiosity of the participants.

The uniqueness of the stories expresses the hope that so many people are in search of and can fire up the self-inspiration in us all.   
A Sample of My Speaking 
Awaken Your Creative Happiness Intelligence!
People ask me why I do this.
I love the fact that I can awaken the fire that drives people to want to do more and be more in their own lives! It is my belief that as we grow in our own lives, it becomes our responsibility to help others grow in their lives. We do this by sharing what we have learned freely and with no thought of a favor in return. When we do this, the rewards we receive are beyond anything we could ask for! Speaking allows me to be the change that I want to see in my life and the world.
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