The book  has been renamed the old title was "10 Million Smiles from FL to NY".

The New Name is "A Walk From Florida to New York"

  A Walk from Florida to New York

      It's not about the miles, it's all about the smiles

A true life adventure about a man who walked 2,000 miles over 9 months with only $200 in his pocket. Learn about the amazing people who stepped up and helped one man to complete an unusual trek up the southeast coast to spread happiness and the smile. This book will inspire you and reignite your faith in people! It will have you laughing one moment and crying the next. This book will have you wondering what will happen from one chapter to the next and will hold your interest until the end!
  1. My Support Group At The Start
    My Support Group At The Start
    This group walked with me to start the walk; others stopped by to lend their support, but had to go to work!
  2. A Cake For Me!
    A Cake For Me!
    A wonderful family I met in Plymouth N.C. baked a cake in honor of the walk!
  3. Making New Friends!
    Making New Friends!
    A great group of people I met in N. Myrtle Beach. They were fun and friendly!
  4. Bret Michaels
    Bret Michaels
    You never know who you will meet when you're on a long walk!
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