Cancer Can Be A Life Enhancer
I know that when you are told that you have cancer it's a very scary thing… So scary that many people break down crying and fear for their lives. I would like to show you another side of cancer. A side of cancer that most  do not see or even know of.
​​My given name is Edward Rodriguez, my friends call me Eddy. I was first diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2014. I had Surgery, but it returned as stage 4 in February 2017. It metastasized into to my upper left lung. After my biopsy it started to grow like wild fire.
What you will see on the pages that follow is how I am handling the news and how I am turning myself around. 
My views on life are very different and very out of the box compared to the main stream. This  has  helped me to earn my nick name “The Happiness Man.” It is a name I wear proudly! In 2007 I promised myself that I would share my smile with 10 million people and it has been a wonderful ride! I hoe you will join me in my journey to spread the smile to every corner this planet!     

A Drive To Conquer Cancer 

This is the van I will be driving across America, living my bucket list while spreading the smile! I have started the drive by visting a couple of towns already! I am building another site where you can come along with me as I explore this grand country of ours! I have no idea where this adventure will take me, how it will be funded or what is going to happen. All I know is that this is a big part of what I am doing to conquer cancer!

Drive To Conquer Cancer Pics

These wonderful people are from Longhorn Steakhouse.
Longhorn sponsored me with a meal while I was touring Orlando! I got to share so many smiles while I was there. I met many amazing people and had a blast while being blessed by the beautiful energy of the people I met! I look forward to sharing this incredible journey with all of you as I drive from town to town exploring all the sites, sounds and intensity of its people! I will be passing out cards, reading poetry and sharing wisdom with groups of enthusiastic people!
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