Helping the World to Smile
                   Created in 2007
The Smile and Wave Project was designed to spread kindness in the form of good deeds and sharing a smile and wave. It’s simple really, when you are kind and help people to feel that they are important, you can help to change their lives. When you change the life of one person there is a ripple effect where they in turn create change in others around them.
 How can we create positive change in others? We start by making changes in ourselves. We look inside of ourselves and find the places and things within us that will make us better people. In turn, others will see our changes and many will begin to make changes within themselves without realizing it. 

Start with the smile. The smile is contiguous, spread it everywhere! Watch and see how the world around you gets better and better the more that you do it!
 My Best and My Worst
In this one I was moving a warehouse. I had stage 4 cancer. I thought I was going into the hospital and wasn't real sure I was going to get out...
Something I wrote and wanted to share!
These are two very different videos. I wanted to share the best of times and the worst of times with you so that you could see both sides of me. We all have good times and bad times. I believe that if I am going to share my stories with you, I should be open to you seeing both the good and bad times.  I am willing to be seen when I am not on top of my game, if it's going to help someone to understand that you never give up and live your passion! For me it's sharing the goodess of life, whether you are at your best or at your worst.  
  1. Conquering Cancer Tour
    Conquering Cancer Tour
    2019 A drive across America to help me conquer cancer and to spread "Happiness Awareness"!
  2.  Happiness In The Park
    Happiness In The Park
    2010 at Gulf Stream Park. We set an unofficial world record for the most people smiling and waving simultaneously!
  3. Walked from Florida to New York
    Walked from Florida to New York
    In 2011 I walked for 9 months, 2,000 + miles, with no plan and with $200 in my pocket!
  4. Smile and Wave America Day
    Smile and Wave America Day
    The Miami Dolphins hosted this event at two of their football games in 2013 and 2015!