Conquering Cancer Tour     
I just teamed up with Phillip Mrozinski and the team to raise funds for the Conquering Cancer Tour!!!! Strategic Business Institute is a 501 c3 and is taking donations on my behalf. You can donate on the Conquering Cancer page.

There will be many cost along my tour and I could use your help to get it going!!! I am putting together a sponsorship package for those of you who wish to sponsor this tour, including having your logo placed on my tour van!
Please contact me if you are interested in sponsorship.
Eddy 561-506-4607
In 2011 I walked from Florida to New York. I was on the road for 9 months and walked 2,000 miles to spread what I call “Happiness Awareness.” I was letting people know that no matter what is going on in their lives its ok to be happy! In 2019 I am driving to Conquer Cancer  while spreading Happiness Awareness! Letting people know that cancer is not a death sentence, that you can have quality of life if you live your dreams!
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​Our Mission

To connect with people and corporations, introducing them to the tools that I have used in my own life to power through the daily grind of life. Being a guide to understanding the power of the smile and how it can help to open new pathways in creating more happiness. Create a safe space for others to understand how to change the rules of their lives and find the rules that best fit their lifestyle.
We are The Smile and Wave Project, and we are the company to call when you want rapid change in your business and in life. Positivity can transform entire companies overnight. With the right plan in place and the right tools for the job, your life and business can begin to kick down the doors of opportunity in a way that you never thought possible. We have the plan you need and the tools to get it done to succeed. Let us help you get on the road to your dreams.
Being a motivational speaker is something that came easily for me due to my positive nature. A virtue that has been tested in my life several times. I experienced traumatic situations as a victim of crime, I went through a life-threatening cerebral hemorrhage, I had to deal stage 4 cancer and I suffered the loss of my oldest daughter. The moments can be extremely tragic and difficult to handle for most people. It feels like they are tearing a hole in your heart and soul, and finding your way back to a happy place can feel like an impossible challenge.

I consider myself a smile and happiness ambassador. This is the reason why my motivational speaking has allowed me to touch so many people in very positive ways. I can provide a valuable contribution to corporate events and motivational rallies with my own personal experiences. The idea is to stimulate an emotional burst of energy that helps people get back on track – a truly motivating force that is driven and fueled by genuine emotions. That is my gift as a speaker, to give people the chance to have that experience.  
  1.       The Gift Of Your Smile
    The Gift Of Your Smile
    Your smile can be exuberant and bright. Your smile can change somebody's day for the better. Sometimes, for this to happen, it is truly a gift for them. Give the gift of your smile.
  2.  The Smile and Wave Project
    The Smile and Wave Project
    We are The Smile and Wave Project, and we are the company to call when you want rapid change in your business and in life. Positivity can transform entire companies overnight.
  3.        Increase Productivity
    Increase Productivity
    Positivity is infectious. Combined with a “never give up, never surrender” attitude, any goal is reachable. Any challenge can be conquered.
Share your smile!
The one thing that you can give away and get more in return is the smile! When you smile in a group of people most if not all of the people will return that smile to you! You gave one smile and in return got many back and you just made many people happy. even if it's for that moment!

Many people today have lost their smile. Why not be the one to return it to them?
  1. Choose Wisely
    Choose Wisely
  2. Don't Lose Your Freedom!
    Don't Lose Your Freedom!
  3. You Can Grow Anywhere
    You Can Grow Anywhere
  4. Build Your Tribe
    Build Your Tribe
You Make A Difference In Peoples Lives!