Are you ready to move faster towards your goals? Is it finally time to unleash your inner strength and achieve your highest potential? My name is Eddy Rodriguez and I can teach you ways to find power and determination that will change your life forever.

Positivity is infectious. Combined with a “never give up, never surrender” attitude, any goal is reachable. Any challenge can be conquered. Your employees will feel a heightened sense of clarity and happiness. They will be better focused. They will be more productive. They will help you succeed and reach your goals as a company.

This all began when I decided to take a long journey 11 years ago. With $200 in my pocket, I walked on foot from Deerfield Beach, Florida to Manhattan, New York. My mission: To put smiles on peoples’ faces. In doing this, I realized the sheer and absolute power of positive energy. It can change lives. It can alter existences. This experience opened my eyes to the possibilities. If I could do this for one person on my journey, imagine what effect this could have on entire groups of people with the same goal! When I speak to your employees, I tell a lot of the stories from my book From FL to NY which chronicled my mission and all the wonders I encountered. I use this experience to inspire and ignite their passion for life and positive thinking. The end result? A more united, more productive, and a more understanding workforce. We don’t train employees. We build a network of “Happiness Ambassadors” who create an environment of love, peace, and community.

We are The Smile and Wave Project, the company to call when you want rapid change in your business and in your life. Positivity can transform entire companies overnight. With the right plan in place and the right tools for the job, your life and business can begin to kick open the doors of opportunity in a way that you never thought possible. We have the plan you need and the tools to get it done for success. We do more than train your employees. We completely change the culture of your company. We till the soil and plant the seeds of positivity within your workforce. They will grow and blossom on their own, CHOOSING to be more productive and focused on your company’s goals.

Our list of services includes speaking at events to promote our “Never Give Up, Never Surrender” attitude, and my personal mission to bring 10 million smiles to the world. My name is Edward Rodriguez. I live and breathe this positive way of thinking. It is who I am. Adopting this mindset changed my life. When I suffered the loss of my oldest daughter and nearly died from a cerebral hemorrhage, I made the choice to make a difference. After most recently battling lung cancer, it made my mission all more clear.

Are you ready to start unlocking the power of smiles and relentless positivity? Do you want to be a happiness and positivity ambassador to help empower your friends, associates, family, and other people around you? Connect with us and we will show you how.

Call to setup a free consultation or to talk about our services. We can be reached by phone at (561)-506-4607 or by email at