Your smile can be exuberant and bright. Your smile can change somebody’s day for the better. Sometimes, for this to happen, it is truly a gift for them. Give the gift of your smile. We understand the power of smiles because we have been teaching people for years about the amazing effects of smiles and positivity. We are The Smile and Wave Project.

We are the company to call when you want rapid change in business and life. Our programs can lead you, your employees, and your co-workers to new doors of possibilities and on an action-path toward positive change. With our unique program activities and information, we can help you bring about an effective change in the culture of your business that is more productive and more focused on the goals of the company. During the process of training your employees, we create an environment of love, peace, and community, and plant the seeds of positivity within your entire team. They will blossom to become more connected and have a better understanding of each other.

When it comes to knowing the power of positivity and how it can foster strength beyond anything you’ve ever imagined, learn from someone who has been truly saved by it. Eleven years ago, I was the victim of a major financial crime. Very soon after that, I suffered the loss of my oldest daughter, and then a life-threatening cerebral hemorrhage. These losses and setbacks were very difficult to overcome – needless to say. I needed to tap into my inner strength and find a way back to living. So, I embarked on a project and a plan. My decision was to focus on giving joy and kindness to other people. I wanted to make people smile.

One of my most ambitious endeavors in this quest to bring happiness and smiles to people was to actually walk from Florida to New York. With $200 in my pocket, I traveled on foot from Deerfield Beach, Florida to Manhattan, New York with the mission of putting smiles on people’s faces. This experience opened my eyes to possibilities and taught me lessons that I can pass on to others.

Customer service and client satisfaction are of paramount importance for our business. When it comes to customer service, we are devoted to very high standards of friendliness, honesty, and satisfaction. We believe in listening to create a customized experience that meets the needs of each client.

Do you want your company to thrive? Are you ready to have a more productive, focused and happy workforce? 10 Million Smiles, Inc. can help.

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